Terms We Use

Father: Yahweh
Son: Yahshua (Means "Salvation of Yah or Yahweh" John 5:43)
Elohim: Can be father or son
Test Commandment: 4th Sabbath
Key to the Bible: Spirit, Divine Nature of Father & Son
Mark: Exodus 30:16-18 (See below)
Seal: Revelation 14:1 (See below)

John 4:24
Yahweh is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Matthew 22:14
For many are called, but few are chosen.

Ezekiel 20:12
Moreover also I gave them my Sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the Yahweh that sanctify them.

Exodus 31:16 & 17
(16) Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant.
(17) It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever: for in six days the Yahweh made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was refreshed.

Exodus 30:16 - 17
(16) And thou shalt take the atonement money of the children of Israel, and shalt appoint it for the service of the tabernacle of the congregation; that it may be a memorial unto the children of Israel before the Yahweh, to make an atonement for your souls.
(17) And the Yahweh spake unto Moses, saying,
(18) Thou shalt also make a laver of brass, and his foot also of brass, to wash withal: and thou shalt put it between the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar, and thou shalt put water therein.